First Meta CEO comments on

Linden Lab’s New Policy

Regarding In-World “Banks”

9 January 2008

Linden Lab has posted a New Policy Regarding In-World “Banks” on their website at

First Meta fully supports regulation of financial services activity in the virtual economy. We agree with the statement by Linden Lab that in-world “banks…offering unsustainably high interest rates…are in most cases doomed to collapse – leaving upset ‘depositors’ with nothing to show for their investments.” We believe that the removal of non-credible players from the financial services sector of Second Life’s economy will benefit all of its participants.

First Meta’s approach differs radically from the “banks” as described by Linden Lab. We offer a full range of financial services focusing on credit products, including MetaCard™, backed by a robust real-world system, run by professionals with real-world financial expertise, and focusing on providing customers with transparency and accountability. We are a real-world company, registered in Singapore, one of the financial centers of the world. First Meta has received financial support from the i.JAM program administered by the Singapore government. We are funded by our real-world private investors, not by our customer’s deposits.

We are in discussions with Linden Lab about our MetaSavings™ accounts. Our MetaSavings™ deposits are more than 100% funded, which means that no First Meta customer will lose any money as a result of the new policy.

Since our MetaCard™ does not “offer interest or a rate of return on L$ invested or deposited”, it should not be affected by this new regulation.

As First Meta’s business is not dependent on savings accounts or other investment instruments which are addressed by the new policy, we believe that the new policy will not have any adverse effects on our company. Insofar as the new policy strengthens the virtual economy, we believe this will actually benefit First Meta. As the leading provider of financial services in virtual economies, First Meta will continue to provide a trusted partner for our customers.

Douglas Abrams (JP Mougin)
Chief Executive Officer
First Meta Pte. Ltd.